Election Playbook

10.25.2016: We are just two weeks away from the presidential election and I'm already seeing opportunities beginning to brew. I wanted to take some time today... Read more

The Fed in the Wings

10.21.2016: The Federal Reserve's next move is at the top of investors' watch list right now. While the central bank could throw an interest rate wrench... Read more

Now Is the Time to Get Ready

10.18.2016: A soft start to earnings season, a vicious political week and a deeply divided Federal Reserve have fed a lot of chatter about stocks running... Read more

Is Now the Time to Buy NFLX?

10.14.2016: Netflix (NFLX) has always been a Wall Street darling. As a disruptive first-mover in the world of cord-cutting and streaming, it's the kind of company... Read more


New Updates

October 26, 2016
GameChangers Weekly Update:

A Mixed Earnings Bag

October 24, 2016
High Octane Trader Weekly Update:

Trading the Reaction

October 20, 2016
Breakout Stocks Weekly Update:

Pushing Through Uncertainty

October 19, 2016
GameChangers Weekly Update:

Finding the Fallen Angels

Hilary Kramer's Recent Winners
Breakout Stocks
Bought 9/8/16
1% profits
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Breakout Stocks
Bought 6/29/16
13% profits
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Hi-Crush Partners
Bought 9/20/16
13% profits
Sold 10/6/16
Tenaris S.A.
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Bought 8/5/16
7% profits
Sold 10/7/16
Value Authority
Bought 8/8/16
13% profits
Sold 9/30/16
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Bought 9/14/16
10% profits
Sold 9/27/16
Monolithic Power Systems
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Bought 4/07/16
5% profits
Sold 6/29/16
Akzo Nobel
Value Authority
Bought 7/11/16
8% profits
Sold 9/2/16
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Bought 7/6/16
19.9% profits
Sold 8/24/16
Fleetcor Technologies
Bought 7/22/15
6% profits
Sold 8/9/16


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