Making Sense of the Yahoo (YHOO) Merger

07.27.2016: It's official: Yahoo (YHOO), a company and stock that has struggled tremendously in recent years, has finally found a buyer. Verizon (VZ) is shelling out... Read more

The Millennial Mainstream

07.26.2016: As we move into the middle of the summer, I’m enjoying the opportunity to work with two “digital natives” as interns in my office, and... Read more

A Snapshot of Q2 Earnings

07.22.2016: If you were to pick one factor that ultimately determines the direction of a stock, it would be a company's earnings. That makes every earnings... Read more

Currency Wars: The Rise of Bitcoin

07.19.2016: Bitcoin is a new type of digital currency available for exchange through multiple standard currencies, or through "mining" the coins by solving the algorithms involved... Read more


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July 28, 2016
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July 27, 2016
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July 25, 2016
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July 21, 2016
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Hilary Kramer's Recent Winners
TAL Education Group
Breakout Stocks
Bought 5/10/16
14% profits
Sold 7/28/16
St. Jude Medical
Value Authority
Bought 4/26/16
33% profits
Sold 7/8/16
Monolithic Power Systems
Breakout Stocks
Bought 4/07/16
5% profits
Sold 6/29/16
GW Pharmaceuticals
Breakout Stocks
Bought 4/18/16
4% profits
Sold 6/27/16
Bought 2/25/16
9% profits
Sold 6/24/16
Bought 4/29/16
50% profits
Sold 6/13/16
Johnson & Johnson
Value Authority
Bought 5/26/15
17% profits
Sold 6/3/16
Carnival Corp.
Value Authority
Bought 2/5/16
13% profits
Sold 5/27/16
Breakout Stocks
Bought 3/30/16
24% profits
Sold 5/4/16
Breakout Stocks
Bought 3/30/16
28% profits
Sold 5/4/16


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