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How high will Apple go?

Heavy stuff! This week, the race was on to see which Wall Street analyst was willing to go the farthest in upping the ante on Apple.

Like an auction bidding war, the new targets came firing in…$690, $720, $960, $1,000!

All of this sent the stock up 11% in just the last 5 days.

So now it’s your turn to weigh in…are soaring expectations a sign of a top or does Apple still have room to run?

Cast your vote now.

Where do you think Apple is headed in 2012?

SUBMITI think the stock is maxing out here

SUBMITI think the stock will pull back and end the year lower than where it is today

SUBMITI think the stock is headed as high as $750

SUBMITI think the stock is headed as high as $1,000

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