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March Issue Now Online--Two New Buys

I’ve just posted the newest issue of GameChangers on our website and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it right away.

I have two exciting new recommendations for you that will deliver knock-out profits in the year ahead.

While much of the world’s attention has been focused on Europe over the past year, and China before that, something miraculous has been happening much closer to home.

There’s a new Latin America rising. The region has been transforming economically in recent years, helped in part by China and India’s need for Latin America’s rich supply of raw materials and foodstuffs.

While U.S. and European economies have been pretty much stagnant since the end of the recession, Latin America averaged 6% growth in 2010 and 5% in 2011. This has enabled millions of people in Latin America to climb out of poverty, which has increased consumer spending.

At the same time, many Latin American countries have leapfrogged into advanced technologies such as mobile phone payment systems and high-speed wireless, which has resulted in skilled labor forces working in everything from pharmaceutical research laboratories to advanced aircraft design, engineering and production.

We’re going to profit from these trends with my two new recommendations.The first is a company set to become the Costco of Latin America. Based in the United States, it’s run by two Americans who pioneered the warehouse club concept here at home.Now, they are using their outrageously successful model to change the retail game in Latin America. With a proven track record, rock solid sales and a ripe market for growth, I’m looking for this game-changer to deliver 50% profits in the 6 to 12 months ahead.Get its name now.

My second new recommendation is a fast-growing Brazilian company that’s doing business around the world—especially in China and emerging markets where demand for their product is skyrocketing. I’m looking for a quick 40% move in the stock’s next big move up—sky’s the limit after that. Get all the details in the March issue, waiting for you now here.

Our GameChangers portfolio is on an absolute tear! Since October first when I first told my GameChanger readers the market had turned, an incredible 66% of our GameChanger stocks are up 25% or more (some as much as 80%)! And in just the first two months of this new year, we’re already beating the market better than 2-to-1!

Don’t miss out on the next round of profits. Get on board today with my two new GameChangers to grab your share of the double-digit gains ahead.

Yours for GameChanging Profits,
Signed- Hilary Kramer
Hillary Kramer

P.S. Our GameChanger portfolio is trouncing all the major indices since the start of the year, and we’re enjoying huge double-digit gains in more than a dozen stocks on our current buy list. Get the names—and current buy instructions—for every stock we’re following now when you read this month’s issue.

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